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About Us

Power Resources International is becoming the world’s first near-source, vertically integrated, tantalum and niobium refinery.

We are here to mine and refine the elements we all depend on for a future free from fossil fuels.

With the clean-tech revolution demanding minor metals and rare earths, pollution and human rights abuses have become a direct consequence of the rush to create supply.

Out of sight from the very consumers demanding a better planet, these issues affect tens of millions of people.

We are changing that.

We offer peace of mind that the metals we produce, as part of our decisive strategy for carbon reduction, environmental stewardship and transparency, protect and improve human rights and reduce pollution in the supply chain.

Our mines and refining operations are centred in Rwanda, serving our clients from the heart of the world’s primary source for critical metals in East and Central Africa.

Our Strategy

We want to eliminate volatility of the critical metals supply chain for the technologies which modern answers for clean mobility and high speed communications demand.

We are champions of the new era of environmental awareness and are pursuing our goals of sustainability and ethical sourcing to transform traditional supply chains.

Our innovations in mineral processing, chemical refining, and molten salt electrolysis, are enhanced by our near-source manufacturing strategy which puts value and knowledge directly in the communities of material origin.

We are exploring, mining, and refining to produce the metal powders and alloys for our future.

Our Values

Enshrined in policy and all decision making, our values determine our actions.

We will:

  • Protect and improve human rights
  • Create fair value and transparent supply chains
  • Strive towards 100% renewable energy sources in mining and manufacturing

Our policies are published here

We love innovation

Smart mine designs reduce carbon emissions in the mining process so we have pioneered the the use of AI technologies to achieve optimal mine designs.

Our innovations in mineral processing, via our partnership in Gravity Mining Ltd., substantially improve the recovery of ore to improve the yield and lower the carbon footprint per tonne of metal produced.

Having been amongst the first to pioneer blockchain traceability in the supply chain, we are always looking for ways to work smarter.

Who’s leading the way 

Sector Chief – Mining

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Whether you’re looking to join our mission, secure your supply chain, or let us know your thoughts, we welcome new relationships and invite you to drop us a line by email.
Or, write to us at any of our registered addresses:

Oaktree House, Langhurstwood Road, 
Horsham, RH12 4QD, England


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