Globally conscious

Locally diligent

Globally conscious

There has never been a greater urgency to take carbon emissions seriously.

Visible changes in air quality during Covid-19 travel restrictions has people around the world waking up to just how obviously polluted our air is.

The need to move away from internal combustion engines and fossil fuels is not the question, it is simply, how fast can we make this happen to preserve our future?

Our pursuit of net carbon minus operations is our way of taking responsibility for our place in global society.

The products we make are critical to revolutionising transportation both through electrification as well as making lighter materials for the automotive sector. 

Within our mines and refining processes, we employ new technologies and industry best practise to reduce our carbon emissions with continuously improving standards.

Locally diligent

We are part of society.

We manage land and infrastructure and take an active role in community activities to understand and adapt our plans to the needs of our surrounding society.

Through regular stakeholder meetings we have often adapted our plans to accommodate a collective benefit to improve water management for farming and road construction for hospital and municipal services access.

We believe that taking the extra time to understand the communities within which we reside helps us benefit from local historical knowledge as well as make sure we are a constructive and welcome part of life for decades to come.